The core business of the company is the slaughter and cutting of broiler chickens as well as wholesale and retail sale of meat and poultry offal.

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About us

GÓRNI LLC (formerly: SLAUGHTER OF POULTRY Górni i Sons sp.j.) is a family company operating on the poultry market since 1996.

The beginnings of the upper familys activities date back to the 1970s.

Already in that period, the first livestock facilities were built and the breeding of broiler chickens on order was started in plant of eggs and poultry in Gijack. At the turn of the 1990s, Wanda and Antoni Górni started a small production of fresh chicken meat, and in 2004, together with their sons, they launched a modern poultry slaughtering and cutting plant in antonów at 22 likatyczna street.

Today, the company led by the brothers Arkadiusz and Piotr Górny is equipped with new technologies, organized and flexibly managed fresh poultry meat production plant offering products of the highest quality in accordance with with the expectations of the client. All processes are constantly monitored by official veterinarians, and good manufacturing and hygiene practices (GMP,GHP), in accordance with the European HACCP rules, ensure the highest quality of Health and trade our products.


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